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  • Update  5.0.4  is now available - Download latest update
  • We've Moved!  To The New Children's Hospital

    National Center for School Based Health Information Systems
    The Children’s Hospital
    13123 E. 16th Avenue, B516
    Aurora, CO  80045
    Phone: (720) 777-8400    Fax: (720) 777-7339

  • Electronic Billing
    Clinical Fusion Clinical Fusion now has the ability to create an export file that can be processed by a medical billing clearinghouse.   This export file follows the standard 837 form specifications.  Clinical Fusion exports the contacts you have entered.  You will need to setup a contract with one of the billing clearinghouses to process these contacts.  The cost for the electronic billing feature is a one time charge of $250.00.  If you are interested, please contact us at (720) 777-8400.
  • New HCFA CMS-1500 form
    Clinical Fusion can now print billing information on the new HCFA CMS-1500 form.  We have also included the ability to enter the National Provider Identification (NPI) numbers for the sponsoring program, the health centers and the individual providers.  Please call technical assistance at 720-777-8400 if you have questions concerning the new HCFA CMS-1500 forms. 
  • Spell Checker
    A new utility checks your spelling - including medical terminology.  For additional information on adding the spell checker utility to your software call us at 720-777-8400.
  • Scheduling Module
    The scheduling module tracks appointments by provider and is an easy way to view the day's, week's and month's schedule. Clinical Fusion now allows you to open the scheduler module and keep it open. This enables you to open the Scheduler, then minimize it while you are working on a registration or a contact. The scheduler can be opened anytime during the data entry to add a new appointment. There are a few minor data entry screens that do not allow you to pull up the Scheduler. For more information, please contact us at 720-777-8400.
  • Use Clinical Fusion® with voice recognition software
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Medical Solutions 9.0 is a speech dictation product that works seamlessly
    with Clinical Fusion® to enter information into the software by simply dictating to your PC.  Additional information can be found on their web site:  Contact us for details.
  • Clinical Fusion® goes wireless
    It is now simple and inexpensive to setup a wireless network in your health center.  Set up a workstation at the registration desk and have the provider(s) use a notebook computer to enter encounter/visit information directly.  The notebook can be carried from room to room - always connected to the software.  You can use as many notebooks or desktop workstations as you need.  There are now many wireless network vendors.  Contact us for details.
  • New Alerts utility - ideal for HEDIS
    The new Alerts utility is an extremely powerful, flexible and simple to use tool which you can use to setup a variety of quality measures.  For example:  identify adolescents who have not had a comprehensive health maintenance exam within the last year;  patients with asthma or other chronic illnesses who did not receive an influenza vaccine;  sexually active adolescent women who have not had a pap smear in the last year.

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