Clinical Fusion®



Administration Training Video

The Administration Training Video will guide you through how to setup Clinical Fusion® for data entry activities. The following topics are discussed in the Administration Video:

Contact Templates

How to create complex and batch entry contact templates for contact data entry.

Setup Tables

How to add, modify, and delete setup table codes to be used for data entry. Setup tables include Alerts, Diagnosis, Element Tables, Immunization Categories, Insurance Carriers, Medications, Problems, Procedures, Program and Sites, Providers, Schools, and Screening Codes.


How to setup security for users and groups.

Data Utilities

How to run database management utilities, including Backup, Compact, Restore, Repair, Archive, New Year Cleanup, Remove Graduates, and Delete Person.


How to export/import data, contact templates, reports, and setup tables.

Setup Table Reports

How to print the Setup Table reports.

Custom Forms

How to create custom forms for the registration and contact activities.

Data Entry Training Video

The Data Entry Training Video will guide you through how to use Clinical Fusion® to enter the day to day activities within your clinic. The following topics are discussed in the Data Entry Video:

Logging On

How to log into Clinical Fusion®.

Screen Navigation

How to use help, toolbars, menus, and enter data entry defaults.

Search Screen

How to use the Search screen to open existing and create new registrations, contacts, ticklers, and history.


How to enter a new registration or modify an existing registration.

Contact Quick Entry How to batch enter data from encounter forms.


How to enter customized encounters.

Person Follow-up

How to enter and follow up on reminders, referrals, appointments, and lab tests for individual patients.

Person History

How to view and enter past medical history information for individual patients.


How to enter and follow up on reminders, referrals, appointments, contacts, and lab tests for providers.

Group Activities

How to enter group activity information for health screenings, health education presentations, and immunizations.

Backing Up

How to backup your data.

Report Training Video

The Report Training Video will guide you through how to organize, create, run, and save your reports. The following topics will be discussed in the Report Video:

Profile Report

How to run a profile report that information from data entered into the registration, contact, follow-up, history, and group activities for a specific person. All information entered for the person is printed in a detailed and organized report format for providers to review.

Registration Summary Report

How to run a registration summary report that provides an outlined report of an individual’s registration information.

Report Manager

How to use Report Manager to run pre-programmed reports, as well create, save and organize statistical and detailed custom reports. You have the ability to create almost any report imaginable.

Detailed Reports

How to create detailed reports.

Statistical Reports

How to create statistical reports.

Mailing Labels

How to create mailing labels.

Billing Reports

How to print HCFA 1500 insurance forms or a billing transmission report.

Group Reports

How to create Grouped Reports that enables you to group the reports you have created. These reports can be given the same date range and will be printed at one time.


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