Clinical Fusion®

What is Clinical Fusion?
Clinical Fusion® is a simple to use, yet powerful clinical management information system, that can be tailored to a variety of clinical settings. Extensive medical and mental health data, past medical history, measurements, risk behavior alerts, problems, and contact data can be recorded and maintained. Clinical staff can easily follow-up and add tickler information. Group information for school and community based health screenings, health education programs and immunizations can be entered easily. Clinical Fusion® contains an extensive variety of statistical and detailed reports. Internal error checking assures correct and accurate data entry. Clinical Fusion® is programmed to utilize Windows®  NT/2000/XP functionality and is HIPAA compliant.

What Clinical Fusion can do for:


  • Clinical Fusion® is a problem based clinical information system that uses SOAP charting. Active, inactive and resolved problems can be tracked over time.
  • A health profile report can be viewed or printed showing an individual’s medical and mental health history. The health profile report lists active, inactive, and resolved problems; contact summary; clinical alerts based on subjective and objective data; vital signs; height, weight, BMI and head circumference measurements; immunizations; medications; and ticklers.
  • A problem report can be viewed or printed showing an individual’s history of problems and any diagnosis, procedures, test/orders, medications, ticklers and progress notes associated with those problems.
  • An Immunization Summary report has been added to list all immunizations entered for a person in Clinical Fusion.  To run the report open the person’s registration, click on Reports/Immunization Summary.
  • Up-to-date demographic information on each individual is recorded to facilitate follow-up, emergency contacts, and accurate reporting.
  • Contact information can be entered while conducting a visit. All subjective, objective, problem, and plan information for a person can be entered directly into Clinical Fusion®, instead of using a paper form.
  • A full range of data can be entered by a clerk using 'contact quick entry' from paper forms.
  • Built in tickler system facilitates patient follow-up. The tickler list can be organized either by individual person or by staff member to enable the provider to easily follow-up on reminders, referrals, appointments, and lab tests.
  • A prescription can be printed for medications prescribed.
  • Height, weight, BMI, BMI percentile, BMI category, and head circumference graphs can be viewed and printed.
  • Immunizations, Health Screenings, and Health Education Programs for groups or individuals can be recorded and tracked.


Program Administrators

  • Clinical Fusion® can be customized for any population and does not require prior programming knowledge.
  • Clinical Fusion is HIPAA compliant.  It contains features for password and report security, automatic logoff, an audit database to track who has entered clinic data, and many other features to meet HIPAA regulations.
  • Numerous pre-programmed statistical reports with totals can be customized.
  • Clinical Fusion® produces a HCFA 1500 form and a transmission report that can be used as a superbill.
  • Reports can be grouped to print at one time using the same date range.
  • Reports can be exported to Microsoft Word® , rich text, or text format.
  • Process and outcome data is collected for quality assurance studies and to assess project progress.
  • Contact templates to assist providers and clerks in entering in data for specific types of clinical visits can be created.
  • Error checking assures reliable data and data integrity.
  • An unlimited number of schools, sites, providers, persons, and contacts can be added.
  • An unlimited number of ICD9 and DSM-IV diagnosis codes, CPT procedure codes, and medications can be added to the software and entered for each contact.
  • Demographic data can be imported into Clinical Fusion® from school data systems using an import utility wizard.
  • Existing School HealthCare Online!!! (SHO) registration, setup file and basic visit data can be imported into the software.
  • Data can be exported for individuals, contacts, and contact templates. This data can be imported into other programs for statistical evaluation and analysis.
  • Custom forms can be created for the registration and contact activities to record additional data elements.
  • Clinical Fusion® facilitates communication among internal and external providers. Mailing labels for all enrolled students or just a selected subset can be printed.



  • Clinical Fusion® is designed to collect both process and outcome data. Variables can be customized for specific project objectives.
  • Longitudinal data can be compiled for outcome studies.
  • Custom forms can be created to capture user defined variables for both registration and contact data.
  • Data can be exported to ASCII files in comma, tab and semicolon formats – to be imported into other programs for analysis.



  • Easy data entry – Windows®  NT/2000/XP interface, use of mouse or keyboard to facilitate data entry.
  • Drop-down lists to choose from and key stroke shortcuts assists in speeding up data entry.
  • Data entry defaults can be entered to speed data entry.
  • Extensive built-in help is structured with a table of contents, index, and search utility to find help for specific questions.
  • Basic visit data recorded on paper encounter forms can be easily entered using the Contact Quick Entry screen.


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